Black Magic Cake

So we had some more milk turn sour, again. Que sour milk cakes. I found this one online, appropriately called Black Magic cake – even more appropriate as it is Halloween month. What gives it such a cool name? Well, for a start it is wonderfully dark and moist, and it even tastes like magic … More Black Magic Cake

St Patrick’s Day – drunken puds to celebrate

Happy St Patrick’s Day, everyone! Now, I’ve never celebrated these sorts of holidays despite having a teeny bit of Irish in me (I think we all should celebrate them though, take a few more bank holidays off from work, don’t you agree?), but I realised this year that I am quickly piling high my regional … More St Patrick’s Day – drunken puds to celebrate

Irish Coffee Cake

Next birthday celebration in my household… Happy birthday to my mummy! Her birthday deserves an annual alcoholic cake to celebrate. Whisky, cream, cocoa and coffee – what ingredients could be better for a cake? This is a gorgeous recipe from Paul Hollywood’s ‘British Baking‘. Irish Coffee Cake. Delicious to make and perfect to snuggle up with for a decadent … More Irish Coffee Cake