Christmas Buns

Merry Christmas, everyone! These little treats are pretty much a Christmas take on a cinnamon bun or perhaps a Chelsea bun. The dark brown sugar, dried fruit and glaze make it extra special. You can use a mixture of any dried fruit that takes your fancy. My version uses sultanas and currants but feel free … More Christmas Buns

Chocolate Log

I don’t just reserve chocolate logs for Christmas time. I can’t resist making a few throughout the year – chocolate, cream, uses 6 eggs… how could I resist making one if the chickens are laying so well? It always looks intimidating/ time consuming to make but I promise it really isn’t and will be worth … More Chocolate Log

Irish Coffee Cake

Next birthday celebration in my household… Happy birthday to my mummy! Her birthday deserves an annual alcoholic cake to celebrate. Whisky, cream, cocoa and coffee – what ingredients could be better for a cake? This is a gorgeous recipe from Paul Hollywood’s ‘British Baking‘. Irish Coffee Cake. Delicious to make and perfect to snuggle up with for a decadent … More Irish Coffee Cake