This recipe is from Green & Black’s cookbook. It has become a regular to make for mama’s birthday as it is her favourite, as well as for other occasions as it is snazzy and yummy. Recently made it for my sister’s 20th – and had to put unicorns on it, of course. It is flourless, … More Sachertorte

Christmas Pudding

I promise I will not mention Christmas until December. I have a horror of Christmas signs popping up everywhere in August. But it is the traditional weekend, Bonfire Night, to prepare the Christmas pudding and cake. Now, I must admit, I am unorganised. Hmm not at all surprising some will say, and to quote Miranda, … More Christmas Pudding

Chocolate Log

I don’t just reserve chocolate logs for Christmas time. I can’t resist making a few throughout the year – chocolate, cream, uses 6 eggs… how could I resist making one if the chickens are laying so well? It always looks intimidating/ time consuming to make but I promise it really isn’t and will be worth … More Chocolate Log