Mince Pies

So, I’ve made 2 1/2 giant jars of mincemeat… so that will keep me baking mince pies all December! Mince pies are one of those classic Christmas traditions. Our mince pies have medieval origins, most likely from the crusades where meat and spices were brought back from abroad. The reason mincemeat is called meat is because … More Mince Pies


I’ve been making mincemeat this week. I first made my own mincemeat last winter after being told off by my mum for spending so much money on tiny jars of mincemeat. Once I made it and realised how easy it was, I felt a little guilty for buying jars of the stuff! It is a … More Mincemeat

Yorkshire Parkin 2017

Parkin was primarily the Northern English for gingerbread. Different Parkin is characterised by what region it is made in. One of the most famous (and delicious) is Yorkshire Parkin – made in Yorkshire. Yorkshire Parkin is traditionally made with oats which give it an unusually chewy texture. It is ritually eaten on Bonfire Night, 5th … More Yorkshire Parkin 2017