Cocoa Banana Cake

I do love a good banana cake. I have been making this version — Chocolate Banana Loaf Cake — with choc chunks for ages. I decided to try something new and make it chocolate the whole way through.  Enjoy! Cocoa Banana Cake Serves 8 -300g self-raising flour -150g salted butter -150g granulated sugar -3 eggs -4 large bananas … More Cocoa Banana Cake

Sivananda Cookies

Or to me, my yoga teacher’s cookies. I tried these after a yoga nidra class at my yoga teacher’s house when we all had tea and a beautiful selection of snacks, these cookies being among them and being my favourite part of the picnic. Sivananda is a well-known and popular place of learning yoga established … More Sivananda Cookies

Black Magic Cake

So we had some more milk turn sour, again. Que sour milk cakes. I found this one online, appropriately called Black Magic cake – even more appropriate as it is Halloween month. What gives it such a cool name? Well, for a start it is wonderfully dark and moist, and it even tastes like magic … More Black Magic Cake

Sticky Ginger Cake

Food is one of those things I associate with different people, places, or events. I associate chocolate pudding and custard with school (the only favourable memory…), I associate tomato soup with the Lake District, hot Ribena with being ill, Oreos with my brother, porridge and egg suppers or casserole with my gran. But the person … More Sticky Ginger Cake

Marble Cake

If I think of a cake from my childhood, it is my mum’s marble cake made in the bread maker. It was one we had for our birthdays often. Years on and now and then I make the same cake in the bread maker. But that bread maker has gotten pretty old and making cakes … More Marble Cake

3 Egg Yolk Chocolate Chip Cookies – THE BEST ON THE PLANET

These are the best homemade cookies in the world. They take time to make but are so worth it. I got them from a Telegraph magazine article a few years back and have made them plenty of times since then. The egg yolks are one of the most important ingredients of this recipe – they make the … More 3 Egg Yolk Chocolate Chip Cookies – THE BEST ON THE PLANET