Black Magic Cake

So we had some more milk turn sour, again. Que sour milk cakes. I found this one online, appropriately called Black Magic cake – even more appropriate as it is Halloween month. What gives it such a cool name? Well, for a start it is wonderfully dark and moist, and it even tastes like magic … More Black Magic Cake

Marble Cake

If I think of a cake from my childhood, it is my mum’s marble cake made in the bread maker. It was one we had for our birthdays often. Years on and now and then I make the same cake in the bread maker. But that bread maker has gotten pretty old and making cakes … More Marble Cake


This recipe is from Green & Black’s cookbook. It has become a regular to make for mama’s birthday as it is her favourite, as well as for other occasions as it is snazzy and yummy. Recently made it for my sister’s 20th – and had to put unicorns on it, of course. It is flourless, … More Sachertorte

Happy Birthday Beagle!

Happy Birthday Snoopy the Beagle! It is her favourite time of the year – stealing Christmas cake (that has only happened once), stealing turkey bones (ok, that happened twice in half a week) and getting her own slice of Victoria sponge! 9 years old, who’d have thought miss trouble would survive us that long?!