Mother’s Day – Make something special for a special person

Here’s a list of special things you could make for Mother’s Day to show your mum how great she is!


Heart Cake – Valentine’s Day – Show her how much you love her with this heart shaped chocolate cake.


Love Buns – Nigella Lawson’s recipe


Chocolate Guinness Cake – Make a Nigella recipe: vanilla flavoured cupcakes, chocolate alcoholic cake or the best brownies in the world.


Birthday Beagle – Victoria Sponge – classic British tea-time staple – the Victoria Sponge

Lemon Polenta Cake – a bright, spring-time cake, perfect for a Sunday in March!


Lemon Curd Cake – another lemon cake, the easiest one in the world with the secret ingredient of lemon curd making life simple for a quick bake.


Irish Coffee Cake – chocolate, coffee and whiskey cake – a REAL treat for mum

Apple, Almond and Cinnamon Cake – a big, delicious apple cake – the cinnamon, ground almonds and flaked almonds are a match made in heaven. Perfect for brunch, tea and dessert.



Happy baking! Happy Mother’s Day! 



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